Welcome to our space! We are fun loving adventure seekers who decided to put a pause to their established careers to see more of the world. We got married in Los Cabos, Mexico on November 2016. It all started with the idea of turning our honeymoon into a travelmoon. Since then, we’ve traveled to over 37 countries and 142 cities!  

We are not your average backpacker, in fact, we like to call ourselves “Hybrid Backpackers”. We are a mix between backpackers, travelers, and tourists. (More about our theory of Hybrid Backpacker here). By no means are we experts, but what we are is two crazy people who want to share with you the tips and tricks we've picked up along the way. You will find honest opinions of our travels, no sugar coating, just keeping it real. We are still budget conscious, but will not sacrifice an experience to save a dollar.  

We hope the information you find here inspires you to buy that ticket and enjoy the world!




I was born and raised in the city of Chicago, but my "hometown" is Mi Lindo Jerez, Zacatecas! 🇲🇽🍻 I am the middle kid of the family, but I am also the only boy which automatically made me my moms favorite!  (According to my sisters I am el favorito).  My trips to Mexico growing up were going to the rancho in December to spend the holidays with family.  It was a different dynamic than being in Chicago.  We had no internet and no cell phones. Since I had a bunch of guy cousins in my family, we would create rodeos with all the little calves in the corral.  Of course we got in trouble with our grandparents!

I grew up spending Sunday and Monday nights at the baseball field.  My dad played baseball and I would always tag along.  Since an early age, I loved playing baseball and I still enjoy the sport today. But now, I just go for the beers. When Lorena and I met, we quickly began taking trips to neighboring cities to follow the Chicago Cubs....that is how our traveling addiction started. I am a big fan of nightlife and enjoy to party. Actually, when the idea came up of traveling around the world my first search in google was "best party spots in the world"! 🤷🏼‍♂️ I can easily sit back, have a drink and enjoy banda, the music I grew up to love!

More quick facts about me:

  • Modelo is my favorite beer, but I also enjoy many microwbrews and IPA's.

  • My favorite all time drink is a spicy michelada! I love to eat mariscos too!

  • I also did the school thing and completed my B.S.M, M.B.A, M.H.R.M and PHR.

  • I am a complete neat freak! I will clean my stuff and organize my things multiple times during the day. (Well, maybe not clean, but I do like to keep everything organized).

  • I love structure! I am an avid planner and my planning skills have really helped out during this trip.

  • I love to eat pozole! I actually like to eat anything that is spicy. The hotter, the better.

  • Baseball is life! I am a big Chicago Cubs fan and really enjoyed the World Series in 2016.

  • We have a dog named Canelo. I initially wanted a boxer, but one day Lorena came home with a 2 lb. yorkiepoo. I am sure he likes Lorena more as I lay the law at home!

  • I am very easy going, ambitious and talk to strangers like no ones business.




I was born in Valparaiso, Zacatecas but moved to Chicago when I was 3 yrs old. I am the oldest of 3 siblings. My first vacation memories come from taking family trips to Valparaiso every December. As I got older, I always begged my parents to send me away with my grandparents during summer break. I have no doubt this is where I get my passion for traveling.  Growing up visiting the place I was born in, helped me gain a deeper love and understanding for my culture, family values, and gain great respect for where I come from. Some of my favorite memories of these vacations were helping my grandma milk cows in the morning and waking up to my grandma making fresh tortillas.  Lucky for me, Ricky loves Zacatecas as much as I do and for this reason we try to visit Zacatecas together at least once a year and it will forever be one of our favorite destinations! 

More quick facts about me:

  • I've always been intensely curious about everything. From why the sky is blue to wondering if aliens really exist (btw, they do!).

  • I always want to learn more about everything! My favorite question is "but why?" I confess, I have a problem with googling every question I have and I am also obsessed with Netflix documentaries.

  • I did the school/work thing since I was 16 yrs old. I went on to receive my B.B.A and M.B.A.

  • Everyone that knows me, knows that it is for their own good to not talk to me until i've had my first cup of coffee (it is then and only then that my day officially starts).

  • Anyone can easily bribe me with chocolate.

  • I love beer and my all time favorite is Modelo.

  • I am a mom to the cutest yorkiepoo on earth! His name is Canelo and although he is only 4 lbs, he carries a huge personality.

  • My dad made me a true believer that you can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to. I live by the motto he always tells me, "You've got the world in your hands and you can do with it what you please".