Kilik Shop is  an idea  that grew from our world travels. One of the most impactful experience we’ve encountered is meeting people around the world that have one thing in common...they are striving to keep their culture and traditions alive through the goods they hand produce.

In the hands of these artisans there is history, culture and tradition. They use methods that were handed down from generation to generation. A method their grandfather or great grandfather taught them.   These products  are created with love and passion to help sustain these traditions and help feed their families. 

With the fast paced industrialization in various parts of the world these handmade goods are in danger of being replaced by imitations. It is real, it is here and unfortunately it is happening. Our motivation for starting Kilik was to  give a helping hand to the artisans that have crafted these unique products.  We wanted to make a small difference by creating another avenue for their products to reach a wider audience and help contribute to their local economy.  Travel has helped us realize how your purchases, as small as it may be, can have a positive impact on an entire family.  

Our travels have taken us around the world giving us the opportunity to collect unique artisanal pieces. We want to give you the chance to get your hands on these one of a kind products.

Not only will you own a piece of culture and tradition, but most importantly you are helping sustain a dying art.


  • There is no “season” right for our products. These don’t go out of style. They are unique.

  • Handmade to us means no two products are identical. We understand some handmade goods might come with a small defect or imperfection. We love them just the same!

  • Our customers look beyond the imperfections and look at the beauty and value of the labor and skill put behind these products. It’s like a long lasting love…something that is treasured for the value of what the product brings and what it represents.

  • Having high standards comes at a price. We value the artisans time, labor and traditions and they are reflected in the price tag. We hold the products and the processes of how they are made in high regards and we always look for the best quality to associate our brand with.


  • Bring one of a kind authentic artisan products from around the world to your reach all while honoring the artisans culture with utmost respect.

  • Provide you the opportunity to connect and learn about other cultures from around the world through the products you purchase.

  • Fair trade with the artisans that directly make the products by working with artisan groups, individuals, and various cooperatives.


  • We will always pay the prices the artisan provides with out low balling or negotiating prices to meet our needs.

  • We will never get in the way of the artisans customs, culture, or suggest they change the way they do their work. We buy their items as is.

  • Become a trusted partner and help those who want to better themselves, but face challenges with logistics and language barriers.

At Kilik…lo echo esta bien echo! We do it the right way...from the products to the relationships we have with the artisans.

En Kilik, lo hacemos de todo corazon.