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I grew up listening to all kinds of Mexican music like most kids at a Mexican home.  But hands down I am a banda kind of guy! As it was custom for us to visit our rancho every year, I remember wanting to go to Jerez every Sunday.  Jerez was the spot for bandas on Sunday night. During the day, you will hear tamborazo playing all around the jardín.  Everyone is hanging out having frutas, tostadas and you can't forget a cold beer! 🍻We really enjoyed our teenage years spending the weekends in Jerez...especially since we were allowed to drink at a younger age.  



Then I learned about Sábado De Gloria...that is when everything changed.  I did some research and found out it was a 2 week fest and yes...banda everyday! Not 1 or 2 bandas...try about 10-15, maybe even 20 playing all over the jardin at the same time! This is what I like to call the "Mexican Spring Break".


Féria de Primavera is one of the main attractions in Jerez.  The Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Semana Santa are the top days to visit! You will find hundreds of people all around the Jardín Principal and bandas playing until early in the morning. I still remember at times hearing the tambora going at 6am!  But the Mecca of this Féria de Primavera is definitely Sábado de Gloria.  The celebration starts as early as 10am. You will see many charros riding into town and start the party with La Quema de Judas, and then...the drinking starts. I have heard Jerez be called the "Largest Cantina in Mexico" for that one day. I am not sure if that is true, but there is a lot of liquor flowing that day. A lot of the beer purchased is not only to drink, but to open the can and toss all the beer around in the air! Yes, you will be showered in beer and you will love it! This was not started that long ago, but it has quickly become a big part of the Sábado de Gloria celebration.  People will party until their body allows them. You will see people being carried away as early as 2pm. Word of advice, this is not a race so make sure to pace yourself. You want to enjoy the day and the experience. You might also want to remember it.  Sunday will be a little calmer, as people will be hurting from Saturday.  But no worries, it will all start to kick back up around 3pm.  It will be a repeat of your Friday night! There will be multiple bailes and events to follow these 3 incredible days. The experience you will have during those 3 days will be unique and will keep you wanting to come back for more!


Jerez is considered a Pueblo Mágico for the culture and experiences it has to offer. The food and the town are amazing. You will also have the opportunity to take a ride to any nearby rancho and enjoy a rodeo or just a day to chill out and relax.  One of the best things to do in Jerez is walk around town and admire the beauty. It is an incredible place to people watch and lose sight of the time.

A couple of my recommendations:

  • Have a chocomilk en El Mercado

  • Eat tortas de chorizo from the stands around town

  • Grab a bite of tacos de adobada at Taqueria 4 Milpas

  • Tortas el Rey de la Tortas are amazing

  • The Raspanieve de la Ermita de Guadalape is a must have

  • Snack on some tostadas and chicharron con salsa roja y aguacate at el Jardin

  • Eat tosticarnes at Tosticarnes El Corral

  • Visit the famous Carta Blanca Cantina (El Carta) and have a Vampiro (Bar located near the only streetlight in el Jardin)


Once you are done of all the crazy partying at Jerez, it is time to chill.  One of the best things to do is take a day to two and just go chill at the rancho.  Being able to sit back and have some chips and a beer at the tiendita is amazing!  Take some time to stroll around and do nothing!  This is definitely a great feeling. Riding around the rancho in a horse or ATV is just something else.  The views of the cerros and no one but you and the nopales!


I did not write this to convince anyone to come to Jerez, but just wanted to pass the information along. But if you do change your mind in the future, you are welcomed with open arms and you will have the time of your life! That is if you like food, beer, tequila, whisky, no sleep, hangovers and spending time with new family and friends! Bienvenidos a Mi Lindo Jerez

Check out a glimpse of the action on a Sabado De Gloria in Jerez!



We want to hear from you! Have you experienced Jerez? What are your favorite things about this Pueblo Magico?

Special Mention: Nuestro Jerez Zacatecas

Video Credits: Telepaisa 


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