How To Get What You Want This New Year

The year is almost coming to an end and it’s about that time you take a look at 2018 with the great memories of how far you’ve come. It’s also the perfect time to look forward to 2019 as a fresh new start. I personally grew in many ways in 2018, but the most important thing I learned was how to get what I want. Whether you are looking for financial freedom, your dream career, travel plans, become fit or simply be healthier. What ever your goal may be, with some goal planning and discipline, anyone can get what they want. So here is a list of a few things that worked for us so you can go after your goals in 2019.

1 - Know what you want. 

A goal with out a plan is just a wish. Wishes don’t simply happen, you have to make them happen. How do you make them happen? You make things happen by changing daily behaviors to help reach your end goal. It is important to set goals that take you out of your comfort zone, but are attainable at the same time. What ever your goal may be, my biggest advice is to make sure you know what you want. We all have the “I wish I could have” list. But most of us leave it at that…a list. In order for us to make our wishes come true we have to start off by changing our mindset towards those goals or we will enter 2019 with the same mentality we had in 2018. I strongly feel that once you are determined to obtain something in life, all your energy shifts towards the goal. Everything you do day in and day out is impacting the end goal. Your mind is a powerful thing and once you clearly know what you want, you start acting in ways to attract what you want. It is always easy to wish on things, the hard part is to work hard and change that behavior to get what you want.

2- Write down your goals. 

Once you determine your goals, write them down! You can easily type it up on your phone or laptop, but I whole heartedly believe there is something special about writing your goals down. This is a crucial step for me since this will serve as a reminder of what you’ve set for yourself in the new year. (Also, be realistic about your goals. It is better to have 2 or 3 goals you really want to achieve versus 20 that will never get done.) If you see something over and over, there are more chances that it gets grained into your mind. Think about big marketing campaigns, you must know a random jingle or saying from a marketing campaign.  Use the same idea for yourself.  

3- Act on your goals.

Sounds easy to say, but not to do. Break your actions up into small actionable tasks. Do one thing each day that will take you closer to your goals. Action creates momentum, but the first few steps are usually the hardest. Once you start creating momentum, it is like snow ball effect and things start coming together. Setting time aside to act on your goals is also very important. Having discipline to do this is even more!

4 - Take advantage of opportunities.

Don’t forget to look out for opportunities that can get you closer to your goals and act. If you are having a hard time finding opportunities, brainstorm ideas that can help create these opportunities. People are not full of luck, luck happens when you are prepared, focused and dedicated towards a goal. If you believe in it, chances are you will make it happen. I am a true believer that your thoughts can drive you towards your goal. You should be your own biggest cheerleader. 

5 -  Know and understand your why. 

As with any goal, there will be challenges. There will be times you will want to say fuck it and quit! If achieving new goals and milestones was that easy, everyone would be doing so. It is not and it takes a lot of dedication on your end. If at any point you feel like it is not worth it, stop and ask yourself “why” you even started working towards this goal. You need to reassure yourself this is something you want and that all the hard work will pay off. This happens and it is up to you to be strong enough and get back on track.

6 - Always remain positive.

You are what you believe. Stay positive in all things and situations. Something bad happened? What was the ultimate lesson from it? Always take away the good from any situation. You will soon start to see that no matter what happens…you will be fine. Remove all the negative things from your life. This might mean taking yourself out of certain circles of people. Surround yourself with people who will support you achieve your goals and want to see you succeed. You will soon notice that the people that truly care to stay in your life will be there no matter how much life gets in the way.

7 - Ask for what you want.

This one was big for me this year! I have always been the person not to ask for things. I have to admit how much has changed by simply being direct, confident and asking for things. It sounds so obvious and yet sometimes we expect to get exactly what we want without being clear as to what that is. You can’t expect others to know what you are looking for, most people are not mind readers. Figure out exactly what it is you want and ask for it clearly and confidently. Don’t beat around the bush. Be specific and concise so there is no room for confusion or doubt. 

8 - Make time for your goals. 

This is one of the most important... you need to dedicate time to your goals. Allocate 1 hour each day or set apart an entire weekend to work on your goals. Whatever it is and how ever you decide to get there, make sure you hold yourself accountable. No one else should care or worry about if you accomplished your goals. There is only one person that will look into the mirror each morning... it is up to you if you make excuses or deliver results.  

9 - Don’t worry what others have to say. 

I’ve never been the type to care what others have to say. People and society will always have an opinion. It is up to us to pay attention to it or ignore it. Why would we lose time and energy worrying about what others have to say? As long as you are happy and you are doing what you want in life, don’t worry about what John or Sally have to say about what you are doing.  


Are you ready for 2019…

The start of new things are always fun and full of possibilities. In order to get what you want, you will need to be mentally prepared to change and do things you have not done before. There is no way you will change as a person if you keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results. Yes, there will be sacrifices, but only if your desire for your new goal is stronger than your old habits.

One of the hardest thing you might deal with is letting go of the old. It is not easy, but it is not impossible. A similar theme we have seen as we travel is the people we meet. We all have a similar story, we all took a risk to leave our home and travel the world. It was not easy, yes there are challenges, but it also has been a life changing experience.

Go out there and make 2019 YOUR year…make it THAT year in which you get what you’ve always wanted and what you know you deserve! If you are ready to get what you want, ask yourself… “Am I ready to expose my fears and weaknesses in order to get what I have always dreamed of ?”