Why We Travel

When bringing up the idea of a travelmoon we were greeted with a lot of confusion, strange looks, and at times excitement. Many told us we were crazy to pursue a travelmoon. Crazy to leave our good careers and everything we had for the “urge” to travel. Someone even thought we were “throwing our money away”. Risking everything we had and trading it for something unstable, unplanned and unknown.  So why did we do it? Why do we travel?


Traveling makes us think outside the box. It puts us in unknown circumstances and somehow everything feels “new”. We love the feeling of being in a new place were no one knows you and you know no one.  Being in an unknown environment challenges you in many ways and you learn so much about yourself. Overcoming these challenges gives you a sense of accomplishment. It also helped us gain a higher level of understanding of the world around us.  The world outside the U.S., outside our inner circle of trusted friends and family, outside of our COMFORT ZONE. You discover the type of person you are when faced with different and at times challenging circumstances that you other wise wouldn’t face if you would remain in your safe zone. 


Everyone is their own kind of traveler and everyone will have different experiences.  Regardless of the place you visit, if you do it with an open mind it will help you become a well rounded person. More likely than not, traveling will give you a global mindset. Being able to sit down in a cafe or bar and engage in a conversation with a stranger who has different ideas and views is addicting. Learning about their lifestyle, culture, and way of doing things is priceless. It allows you to learn things first hand that you would never learn from school. It helps you overcome challenges, develop and bring out skills you never knew you had. 


Many times we get caught up in the news, social media and influencers that sway our opinions.  We can easily become narrow minded due to surrounding ourselves with everything and everyone that is similar to the way we act or think.  Unfortunately, this may lead to creating bias about certain things or people. Traveling gives you exposure to see that the way you’ve been looking at the world might not be the same way others look at it. Traveling helps you become more open minded. When we remain in “our world” we tend to forget we are all human.  It is then when it becomes easier for us to judge people, things or ideas that are different to us. This may be because of the color of their skin, sexual orientation, religion, or even as simple as what clothes or brands a person wears. The beauty of differences is that not everyone is the same! Imagine if everyone acted the same, thought the same or believed in the same thing. The world would be very boring! The beauty is that because of these differences there is so much we can learn from each other. So much we can enjoy from others cultures and backgrounds. The more differences, the more innovative the world can be, the more advances we can make. 

With technology as advanced as it is today, we have the ability to be more connected than ever before and become “global citizens”.  Not just of one country, but of all.  For us, the time to travel was now!  We have the energy, planned in advance to have the money, but more importantly we decided to make the time!  (For more on Money. Time. Energy.)

"We decided to travel not to escape life, but for life not escape us". (Unknown)

This is why we travel.